Terms & Conditions

Just like any other online shop our gift delivery service is also subject to certain confines, terms & conditions which are recorded herein. In order to be well aware of our concerns and for your understanding you should cautiously go through the following terms & conditions before ratifying the final order

  • The products mentioned on our website are totally subject to availability.
  • Colors, shapes and other minute details of some of the products can be changed as per your requirement and of course as according to the availability. You can change perfumes in a specific gift basket and such details can be discussed over the phone or you can also e-mail us the details along with the code/name or picture of the product.
  • Not all pictures posted on our website of the cakes and chocolate boxes are real as some of them have been copy pasted from various resources just to give you an idea of how the product will look like. The final packing, product shape, size and greetings carved can vary slightly and all such changes will be communicated to you before confirming your final order for which reason you will have to provide a valid e-mail and telephone number for making communication convenient.
  • The promotional pricing is only applicable on the products till the validity of our promotional campaign. Such details on discounts & sales will be announced on the home page of our website.
  • Delivery charges are included in the prices mentioned alongside every product on our website.
  • Currently we are not delivering outside of Pakistan so before confirming your order make sure that you are not wasting your efforts on something that you want delivered internationally.
  • You cannot claim warranties on any of the products unless we haven’t stated clearly that the product comes with a warranty valid for a certain period of time.
  • There can be slight difference in the overall packing of our gift baskets and the products inside them can be changed as per request only if the requested product is readily available in the market.
  • You can have the option of carving catchphrases such as “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Valentines”, “Happy Mother’s/Father’s Day” or any such greetings on the cakes. The slogans such as “I Love You” and other romantic statements are subject to our cultural and moral limitations therefore, in order to avoid any complications try to keep the greetings as modest and courteous as possible.
  • Greeting cards/frames can be furnished upon your request.
  • Orders will only be processed once we have both sender and the receiver address so that in case of any hitches while delivering the gifts we can provide full information of sender to the receiver as we would not by any mean bear any responsibility if the receiver does not for any reasons accept the product.
  • Try your best to use our services for considerate and respectful purposes only.
  • Don’t get involved in any such activity that can cause problems for our company on the whole, delivery boys, gift receiver and of course you.