Magic Hose Pipe In Pakistan

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Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan

3X Telescopic And Easy To Collect;

Against Corrosion And Anti-Abrasion;

7 Mode Spray Gun,Suit For Washing Car And Watering;

All inclusive Connector And Easy To Operate;

CE Cetification ,?Shoppe-me Pakistan


Name: Flexible Water Hose With 7 Modes Spray Gun;

Shading: Blue/Green For Choose;

Material: ABS+Rubber+Cloth;

Length(Origin): About 33ft;

Length(Working): About 100ft;?Shoppe-me

Weight: 780g;

Connector: Universal;

Bundle: PP Bag;

Affirmation: CE;

Bundle Content:

1 x 100ft Water Hose

1 x 7 Mode Spray Gun;

1 x Universal Connector;

1 x English Manual


Directions of utilizing your water hose with a sprinkler

(1) Turn the ON/OFF valve toward the end of yur water hose to the OFF position ,?Shoppe-me Pakistan

(1) Turn the water on at the source and your water hose will grow to it?s most extreme length,when utilizing the water hose for the primary time,it?s prescribed to first fill and amplify hose and marginally extend digger to discharge snugness in external collapsed material covering, Then discharge water and refill to utilize regularly.?Shoppe-me

(3)Attach your sprinkler to the ON/OFF valve

(4) Place your sprinkler in the descired place in your yard or greenhouse

()Point the sprinkler spout far from you and turn ON/OFF valve to the ON osition and walk away,your sprinkler will work the same way, It works with any customary hose.?Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan

NOTE:if you are utilizing a sprinkler,that?s NOT appended to the ground,such as a wavering sprinkler, when you turn the water OFF,your sprinkler might be dragged a short distace as the water hose contracts back to it?s unique length , Shoppe-me Products?this ought not hurt your water hose or your sprinkler.

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