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Anti Lice Containers in Pakistan

Electric Head lice Treatment Machine-V-Comb Nit Eggs Removal in Pakistan

V Nit Comb Powerful Lice Comb Electric Head Lice Treatment Nit Removal Metal Scalp Message Comb in Pakistan

The lice brush is a progressive gadget that joins brushing and vacuuming to dispose of head lice and eggs.

As you brush, it extricates head lice and eggs from the hair into the catch channel.

The channel unit is enlightened by a splendid LED so you can perceive what has been expelled from the hair.

The brushing unit highlights stainless steel teeth with tender adjusted edges and 2 flexible brushing points.

After treatment, simpoly disengage the catch channel and secure the top. No all the more speculating if your head lice treatment has worked, it?s all in the channel!

Lice Comb ? the creative sensitivity and pesticide/compound free head lice arrangement

Distinguishes and avoids invasion

Takes out head lice and eggs (nits) ? even super lice

As simple as brushing

Tender on the scalp

Electrical Device

Clean expendable channel framework (4 dispensable channels provided)

Smaller and ergonomic outline

Driven lit up channel unit

Flexible brushing shopping in pakistan

Adjusted stainless steel teeth

Substitution minimal effort channels are accessible

CE guaranteed/FDA enrolled

Outlined in Australia

Consents to Australian Standards


Electric Lice Comb.Shoppe-me pakistan

4 x expendable catch channels

Guideline manual

Cleaning brush

Fast guide

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