If you wish to work out the core muscles which has the abdominals and also the oblique the Ab King professional is best exercise machine for that purpose. It permits you to simulate many abdominal crunch and also the oblique crunch movements. The Ab King professional provides your abdominal muscles a good physical exertion and conjointly eliminates the strain of doing sit-ups.

Ab King Pro in Pakistan is the quickest & simplest way to induce the good, sexy, rock-hard and unimaginable body in mere one week.

Ab King Pro Exercise Machine

The Ab King professional is sold in several countries around the world to help reduce belly fats. It’s essentially a physical exertion bench that moves on that’s axis with you as you are doing crunches on it. The most benefit is that your back and neck square measure supported on this bench. 

Other machines solely provide you with a 90-degree vary of motion, however the Ab King Pro's secret is its astonishing 200-degree vary of motion that targets your higher, lower, middle abs and oblique’s all quickly, on the far and down.

The Ab King professional contains an absolutely adjustable durable frame, thick artifact for superior support and a rolling wheel action that permits for a sleek consistent motion. 

The Ab King professional conjointly offers correct neck and back support, keeping you in good shape.

How to use Ab King Pro?

The Ab King Pro’s wonderful style brings you below parallel by the maximum amount as 200- degrees adding that further vary of motion to focus on your higher, middle, lower abs and oblique’s all at the same time for an incredibly efficient workout. With the amazing Ab King Pro price in Pakistan you’ll help flatten that stomach and help eliminate love handles in weeks – not months - we guarantee it.

  • Support for Head and Neck
  • Perfect and complete support to Your Head and Back whereas the motion of exercise.
  • Easy Storage

Ab King Pro Price in Pakistan

Benefits of Ab King professional

After victimization the Ab King professional for simply thirty days you may undoubtedly notice:

  • Love handles starting of your to disappear
  • Reduction in belly fat
  • Body SculptingW:13 kilogram
  • Ab Muscle definition look 

Use this machine if you wish a lot of support for your neck and back, however certify to recollect the three facts I printed to avoid disappointment and steer you on the road to success.

Ab King Pro Price in Pakistan.

Ab King Pro is imported product with extra ordinary results and features while it is not much expensive like other gym products.

Price: Rs. 12,000/-

How to buy Ab King Pro

Shoppe Me Pakistan offers COD (Cash on Delivery) payment option to the customers who are willing to purchase Ab King Pro in Pakistan for most areas.  Our staff makes delivery directly to customers in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad & Rawalpindi from their respective outlets and for all other areas we have been connected to you using Courier company which lets you pay Ab King Pro Price in Pakistan on delivery no matter where you are.

Order your product(s) online or via phone (0304-9683350, 0322-4459641 ) or via email info@shoppe-me.com 
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