3 In1 Garlic Press In Pakistan

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3 in 1 Garlic Press in Pakistan allows you to cut garlic in three different ways. Easily cut the garlic cloves with minimal effort. Two stainless steel blades allow you to choose between slices or dice into small cubes. The built-in grater container also allows you to chop the garlic. The hub of 3 in 1 Garlic Press in Pakistan is designed to keep hands clean and free of odors. Simply place the nail on the sheet and close the lid to slice and dice. The removable container to collect the garlic, do not have to touch them. The sliding tab removes excess shells, and the sheet can be easily removed for cleaning. 3 in 1 Garlic Press in Pakistan is designed to help you grind, cut, dice and chop garlic with minimal effort. Cleanliness is also a breeze with removable parts that are safe for dishwashers.
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Easy to use.
Easily washable.
Best for cutting, slicing, dicing, chopping, grinding.
Easy to store.

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